Maren & Brian’s Magical Wedding Weekend

September 20, 2017


Written by Ariele Yaffee (Bridesmaid)
Photos by Stephanie Wales Creative Imagery

Definition – Magical (mag·i·cal): “beautiful or delightful in such a way as to seem removed from everyday life.” Synonyms: extraordinary, remarkable, exception, outstanding, incredible, phenomenal, unbelievable, amazing, astonishing, astounding, stunning, magnificent, breathtaking.

Now, I have been to a lot of weddings. Cue the comment “oh like that movie with Kathryn Heigel… 27 dresses?” Pretty close! I tallied up the number of weddings I have attended and/or have been a part of — or at least the ones I could remember or otherwise track on social media and photo relics —

and including being one of Maren’s eight bridesmaids, it comes to just about 30.  It is true that each wedding has its own je ne sais quoi and that each couple is fun to celebrate in a different way. But I have to say, Maren and Brian’s wedding was the epitome of a magical weekend. In fact, it took my breath away…although that could have just been due to the ridiculous amount of dancing I did thanks to a rocking DJ.

 “A magnificent backdrop for any wedding or event.”

Tucked away in the lush, green mountains of New Hampshire sits the idyllic estate of Bishop Farms.  A bucolic red barn with white trim, splashes of bright yellow sunflowers, the markedly New England farmhouse, the rolling fields, the imposing mountains, and a flock of roving chickens. A magnificent backdrop for any wedding or event.

Maren grew up on a farm in Oregon, and many were curious as to why she

would rent out a farm location on the east coast when she had a perfectly good farm location on the west coast.  But living in Massachusetts and with both Maren and Brian’s friends scattered throughout New England, Bishop Farms was a perfect place for this wedding — bringing both families together with all of their closest friends.

The love and laughter that Maren and Brian exude is contagious. They joke, play with their dogs, and entertain their many adorable nieces, nephews, and friends’ kids.  And many of their friends and family were able to share and bask in those shared moments and observe the magnetism between the couple at Bishop Farm over an entire weekend.

It is a unique place that can hold the perfect wedding reception for 125-200 of your closest friends and family in a quaint and rustic setting.

Having arrived a little early for the weekend, I had the opportunity to stay in one of the six cottages for a night. I was enamored! Each cottage was absolutely adorable and have everything you would need: comfortable beds, kitchenette complete with plates, silverware and glasses, private bathroom, and a front porch where you can sit and watch the fog linger on

the mountains and then disperse during the course of the morning.

I felt

as though I could live in one of those cottages and wake up to that fresh air everyday.

The main bed and breakfast farmhouse was also beautiful; many of Maren’s and Brian’s family members were able to stay comfortably in the seven rooms with their own private bathrooms, and could wake up to coffee and breakfast in the cozy kitchen downstairs, and the kids could play in the living room and out in the enclosed sun room.  It felt like being at home.

A large part of the feel of Bishop Farms stems from the staff. The Salter family really goes above and beyond to make your experience a great one. They are energetic, full of life, hard working, accommodating, creative, friendly, and professional. Maren and Brian spoke highly of them for months and when I met them, it felt as though I was reconnecting with old friends.  They ran everything like a well oiled machine, but kept the mood light and exciting. They provided coffee and breakfast.

They accommodated requests from the guests.  They set up the barn for the wedding in the most stunning rustic fashion. They ensured everyone was where they needed to be at any given time. And chatted with everyone with genuine interest and a desire that we all have the perfect weekend.  They were great.

Without rambling too much longer, suffice it to say, the ambiance of the wedding, the flawless execution by the staff, the beautiful location, and most importantly the love and joy of Maren and Brian and their friends and family was nothing short of feeling as though we were removed from everyday life.

– Ariele Yaffee (one of Maren’s Bridesmaids)

Beautiful Wedding Dress at Bishop Farm Weddings in Lisbon New Hampshire
Beautiful Weddings at Bishop Farm Weddings in Lisbon New Hampshire
Beautiful Weddings at Bishop Farm Weddings in Lisbon New Hampshire
Beautiful Weddings at Bishop Farm Weddings in Lisbon New Hampshire
Beautiful Weddings at Bishop Farm Weddings in Lisbon New Hampshire